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2009 Kentucky Derby Tickets

In the Midwest, before the expansion of baseball to the West Coast, the St. Louis Cardinals fan base was quite extensive. There were no other teams to root for in that region of the country, save for the Chicago Cubs or the lowly St. Louis Browns. And if the Midwest was a kingdom of Cardinal fans, then Stan Musial was, and still is, their king. Stan "the Man" Musial played for 22 National League seasons, filling baseball's record books with his deeds. Stan Musial won seven batting titles, played in 24 All-Star games, and provided Cardinal faithful with more thrills than anyone could ever ask for.

If the 2014 WWE is on your radar, you'll want to register for the first jewel in the crown: the Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Half Marathon. While you still have until January 19th to train for the race, the price of registration goes up tomorrow, August 20. Take a moment today to get signed up and avoid the increase in price.

I can relate to this woman a lot because, like Penny, I am my father's son. What I mean is that, of course, I'm my father's daughter, but I'm also my father's son in terms of the business, in terms of the family expectation that I would act. I followed in his footsteps. For me the family inheritance isn't gender-based and it's true for Penny, too. The leadership qualities that she has are not based on her being a woman, but because we're dealing with the early '70s, her strength is sometimes considered to be more masculine than feminine.

On May 2nd, 1954 in St. Louis, Stan Musial put on a power display that had never been seen in baseball's storied history. He hit five homers in a doubleheader against the Giants, two of them off of Hoyt Wilhelm knuckleballs in the nightcap. Playing in one of his record 24 All-Star games in 1955, he stepped to the plate in the bottom of the 12th inning. Yogi Berra complained to Stan, "My feet are killing me." Musial said to the Yankee catcher, "Relax, I'll have you home in a minute." On the next pitch, he hit a home run to end the contest!

As we all know, anything can happen in this business. This could be a ploy by both men to make everyone think they're heading to WWE only to show up on TNA. We'll find out tomorrow evening. Keep an eye out for my Rumble predictions tomorrow morning and my live results tomorrow evening.

Before we closed our interview, I asked Foley about two wrestlers who had a huge impact on his career and coincidentally had an impact on my small wrestling career. Recently, Foley attended an Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka's birthday party. When asked how it was, Foley said that it was great seeing all of those who showed up. Snuka was always an inspiration to him and he enjoyed getting to see Snuka again.

While the WWE has been more accepting of former indie stars, and names like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan have excelled since heading to the company, other names like Antonio Cesaro seem to be stagnating there. He would also end up in the developmental territories for months as they have him learn the "WWE style" of wrestling.

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Post by unbecomingdevil66 (2015-05-14 07:19)

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